Square Dance

Square Dance

“art Resources Transfer” Gallery,
Feb 26th – Mar 22nd
yellow, green, red, pink gafferstape, millimeter paper
Karen Tompkins, Judith Ramsauer, Birgit Ramsauer

I measure the room 3 of the gallery with fluorescent yellow and green tape in the way of millimeter paper measurement. So the walls, the floor, the ceiling are meassured.
During a two hour performance at the opening two dancers dance, in this space, each for one hour. I follow the dancer and mark, where the bodies touch the ground. The first dancers movement will be marked with red tape, the second with pink tape.
The marks of the first choreography of the dancer is answered by the second dancer’s choreography.
At the end there will be left a tape installation of movement marks.

I work since several years in public space of metropoles. 1997 till 1999 I realized the project ART : HOME — LESS in New York City, Moscow, Marseille and Berlin ( see catalog ART : HOME — LESS, published by ADG, Germany and A.R.T. Press, New York City and distributed by Ram Publishers and distributers, Los Angeles, 2000).

I am especially interested in the movement – and in the movment of people in a city (project ART : hOME — LESS, 1997-1999, JWD – Far in, far out, 2002). Since the metropole inhabitants move during one day from one heterotopian space to the other. There is a constant movement in a city.

The material tape is a very contemporary, present, non permanent material in metropoles. This material I use to mark the movement in former performances and installations and now in this performance with the two dancers.
The supporting orientation for dancers in space in terms of the choreography are tape marks. I intense the appearence of marks to a complete surrounding environment. The marks are dominating now. The marks are not signs for the choreography any more, they are independent now. They become an installation.
In the performance I create a dialog of the signs and the choreography of the dancers and me as the pen of the dancer’s movement.

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