The 9 Screws

The 9 ScrewsYstad/SwedenExhibition Opening June 17th, 2pm
Ystad Sweden, Konstmuseum, curator Thomas Millroth

Museum Exhibition:
Konstmuseum Ystad, Jun 17th – Aug 20th 2006

1. Water Tower / Ystad
2. The Main Street / Ystad
3. Lake at the Monastery / Ystad
4. Cemetery / Ystad
5. Power Station / Ystad
6. Forrest / Ystad
7. Harbour / Ystad
8. Basketball Field / Ystad
9. Writer’s House / Ystad

Outdoor installations: April 17th – 26th, 2006
Exhibition: June 17th – August 20th, 2006
Performance: During the opening “I see what you do not see, and that is…” together with 12 Ystad pupilsMaterial:
Ikea furniture, gaffers tape

Script, director,
installations, camera: Birgit Ramsauer
Camera: Rodrigo Barnert
Music: Anders Forslund, Axel Rudebeck
Editing: Judith Ramsauer

Ben Thompson, Birgit Ramsauer

Ystad is a village in the South of Sweden. The city where most of Henning Mankell´s criminal stories take place. Therefore, the village got known to an international criminal stories lovers community. The tourist office even offers a guided tour through Ystad to the crime scenes in Mankell´s stories.
Invited to work with the Art Museum in Ystad I decided to put together a film, a surrealistic criminal story. The actors are furniture from the Swedish company IKEA. The film “The 9 Screws” involves 9 crime scenes in a serie – “the Screw” as the main object in terms of wooden furniture.
At the same time, the 9 crime scenes show the main attractions of Ystad. So the film is a guided tour through Ystad city.

In every crime scene the tention is built up more and more. There is no story to follow at, no background information, no solution. The spectator following is nearly breathless and has no time to step back for a moment. Each crime scene is very specific.
At the very beginning the film starts with a realistic daily situation. From there on one is more and more drawn into a surrealistic crime scene scenery. At the end it leaves one at a train ride in the style of the memory level. This memory level shows Ystad during a snow storm, covered in a nearly soundless environment. From now on, the tour becomes a complete night mare.

The typ of story, the criminal story, has stepped into the role of a fairy tale in earlier times. The reader is safe in dealing with difficult and dangerous ideas and situations of society. The commissar is always explaining and solving the problem and finds the bad guy in every case.
Within the community of authors of criminal stories Henning Mankell is rather extraordinary. He forms a complex character in the commissar Mankell. He deals in a sophisticated and emotional way with society and its problems.
Related to texts of Mankell I follow the psychological character of a criminal story. The text is inserted in the style of silent movies.
The crime scenes in colour are built in public space. The memory level in the snow storm is left on a reduced color level.

In my artistic work I normally install and perform with objects in public space. In the movie “The 9 Screws” I can see a further development of my former installation work. The installations itselves become actors.

Enlarged version of Wallander map of Ystad
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