ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

entrance area of Babylon cinema
9 – 12. October
“Skyline”,”Wheel Ballet”


Skyline is from my serie of the so called “Video Poems”. These short videos relate to poems by their abstract and meditative quality. This turns the video living pictures. Their once chosen perspective does not change much. The viewer js able to walk around within the image, only time passes by.

In “Skyline” the very expressive sky and clouds are vividly showing why the old Dutch masters chose in their paintings to concentrate in three thirds of the format on the sky. The even countryside gives all the power to the in humid air developed clouds. They built impressive sculptures and monuments.

On the other hand the fine engraved structures of the airport equipment, buildings and airplanes create a new quality of skyline against the sky from under. My performance with the moving line of both perspectives is the sentimental journey to a new way of painting with contemporary materials as it is video here.


So I paint a living Master piece in two overlapping lines by sitting in an airport bus moving to the plane.

In my actual historical background I relate to the word skyline in city lines, which is for me the most impressive in New York City, demolished at that time, shortly after sept.11th, in its structure.